MedDeck is a database application to manage medical information on
students and staff, field/incident reports, and in-school Emergency
Response Teams in a primary education setting. (Future) Features
include the ability to import from Chancery's WinSchool (a
popular student management tool in Canadian Schools), LDAP/Active
Directory authentication, ERT team manager, easy database
management (automatically expires graduated students, automatically
increments student's grade each year, etc.), powerful and extensive
searching and reporting tools, and much more all packed into an
easy to use MDI-type interface.

The MedDeck project is developed by Cody A.W. Somerville with
the assitance of the Emergency Reponse Team, led by Brenda
Cameron, at Leo Hayes High School in Frederction,
New Brunswick, Canada.

Current Status: Configuring project page.

Please visit our Project page for more information.

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